Partner Contractors

Partner Contractors

Energy Catalyst Heat Pump:
A Simple, Scalable Solution

The Double Hybrid heat pump reuses all of the existing infrastructure of the home and provides the same or better comfort with 120°F hot water and a passive stream of warm air at the lowest level of the home. The upper floors benefit from the hot air supplement as it naturally rises. The heat pump connects to the previous boiler piping, reducing installation time to 3-5 days on average.

HVAC Professionals: Here’s how you can start installing geothermal

Heat Pump + Ground Loop Package

We Handle the Geothermal Work

Our Work

-Building Permits and Dig Safe

-All Drilling and Excavating Work Done Professionally

-We Deliver the Heat Pump into the Basement

-We Can Flush the Air from the Ground Loop and Add Anti-Freeze

-Final Startup

You Swap the Heating Systems

Your Work

-Remove Existing Heating System

-Connect Pipes and Ductwork

-Provide Electric Power and Connect Thermostat

-Your Scope is Limited to the Work You Already Know How to Do!

Contractor FAQ’s

120 degrees Fahrenheit. In most homes, this temperature is enough to provide 80% of the building’s heat requirement when the temperature is 0 degrees outside. The forced hot air supplies the remaining 20% of heat that the building needs.

No. Not even in heating dominant areas. Doing so will void the warranty.

No, we modulate the speed of the fan based on the amount of heat available. The fan modulates between approx 25-40% speed in heating mode. Discharge temperature can be adjusted from the touchscreen.

Yes and no. The heat pump can thoroughly cool the first occupied floor of the house. Any bedrooms on this floor will be cooled without issue. Through cooling the first floor, the air is dehumidified and this tends to take the edge off of the upper floors of the building. For homeowners who are unaccustomed to having central air, this is usually enough. For others who like it cold in the summertime, a window unit can supplement the remaining cooling load.

The Double Hybrid produces domestic hot water from heat absorbed in the process of making chilled air. The unit also has a selectable option to produce “free cooling” when making domestic hot water if the temperature outside is above 80 degrees.

There are many factors that add up to produce the Double Hybrid’s record breaking efficiency. A short list is provided below:

  1. We use oversized stainless steel brazed plates. This allows us to produce 120 degree hot water with 121 degree refrigerant at maximum capacity
  2. We use a 2 stage condenser to increase refrigerant subcooling. This widens the refrigeration cycle and produces more heating and cooling while reducing compressor power
  3. We use electronic expansion valves for precise refrigerant control
  4. We use variable speed pumps and fans that are the most efficient available
  5. The heat pump controls automatically adjust the system for maximum efficiency and performance

Ground heat exchangers can be vertically drilled to between 200-700 ft deep. Depth will depend on local conditions and the size of the home. Horizontal trenches can also be used where there is space. You may be surprised how small a lot is needed to drill a geothermal borehole.

Ductwork should be sized for .5 inches w.c. static pressure and a friction of no greater than .1 inches w.c per 100 ft of ductwork installed. The blowers used in our heat pumps are pressure compensating, but poor duct installation will lead to additional noise and lower heating performance.

Installation Partners will receive free, qualified leads from Energy Catalyst and volume discounts on heat pumps and heat pump accessories sold through Energy Catalyst.

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