Double Hybrid Heat Pump

Double Hybrid Heat Pump

An Innovative Solution For Energy Efficiency

Our Double Hybrid Heat Pump

The Energy Catalyst Double Hybrid Heat Pump is a cutting-edge heating and cooling system that harnesses the power of both air and ground sources. This unique combination allows for maximum efficiency, reducing energy consumption and minimizing environmental impact. By utilizing two heat sources, the heat pump can operate optimally in various weather conditions, ensuring consistent performance throughout the year.

  • Easily heats and cools homes with baseboard and radiators
  • Patented refrigeration cycle is 35% more efficient

  • Certified by Energy Star
  • Produces “free” domestic hot water while in cooling mode
  • NYSERDA Sponsored Technology in 2021

Double Hybrid Heat Pump

The Double Hybrid Heat Pump (DHHP) is a plug-and-play geothermal heating system that is designed to be adaptable to a wide variety of existing heating systems, including buildings with hot water radiators, baseboard, radiant floors, forced air, or some combination thereof. During winter operation, it supplies about 80% of its heat as hot water and 20% as hot air. It has automatic controls to help provide the proper amount of heat to the building while optimizing the system for maximum efficiency.

Built into the control panel are ports for an outdoor air sensor that is used for Outdoor Reset Control. This sensor will be used to vary the tank temperature setpoint during the heating season. The temperature range and amount of setback can be adjusted from the control screen.

Key Features
  • Two-Speed Ground Source Heat Pump
  • Simultaneous hydronic heating, forced hot air, and domestic hot water

  • 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-ton models available

  • Closed Loop systems only

  • Vertical or horizontal orientation

When used as a Hybrid, the unit will automatically maximize the use of the existing hot water heating infrastructure. In general, if an existing building can raise the temperature 5 degrees in 1 hour with their existing boiler during a cold winter day, the building has plenty of capacity. Buildings with undersized heat emitters will receive a higher percentage of their heat from hot air (>20%).

Modes of Operation

The Double Hybrid is designed to work for a wide variety of types of buildings with two primary modes of heating operation:

  1. Hybrid mode (HY): operates as a hot water generator that automatically provides supplemental heating by hot air. Hot water generator, that also makes supplemental hot air.
  2. Forced Air mode (FA): operates as a forced air heat pump that will automatically maintain tank temperature for domestic or other hot water uses. Hot air generator, that also makes hot water.

Cooling mode and Water-to-Water mode are universal and can be used regardless of which heating mode is selected. There are several options for backup heat, including electric resistance hot water heat or electric strip heat for forced air systems. The Double Hybrid comes with a buffer tank which includes (2) 6kW electric elements for use as backup heat.

The Double Hybrid is capable of producing simultaneous hot water (or domestic hot water) and chilled air. Unlike other heat pumps, who use desuperheaters which capture about 5% of the rejected heat, the Double Hybrid can operate without the ground loop, rejecting 100% of its heat production to hot water while producing high efficiency cooling.

Double Hybrid Heat Pump performance ratings
Ground Loop Heat Pump4
Model Tons Capacity
CFM Cooling (Force
Air only)1
Forced Air
Hybrid Air &
Water Heating3
Hot Water Only
EER Capacity
COP Capacity
COP Capacity
36 3 Part 12/11 1200 28,000 27 23,000 4.8 19,600 4.0 17,300 3.4
Full 12 1400 37,500 17 29,300 4.3 25,000 3.7 22,000 3.2
48 4 Part 14/12 1550 38,500 23 30,800 4.4 26,200 3.8 23,100 3.3
Full 15 1700 47,500 16.5 38,000 3.9 32,300 3.4 28,500 3.0
60 5 Part 16/14 1700 44,000 20 37,000 3.9 31,500 3.5 27,800 3.2
Full 18 2100 55,500 15 45,500 3.6 38,700 3.3 34,200 3.1
72 6 Part 17/16 1800 56,000 21.5 46,500 4.2 39,600 3.7 35,000 3.3
Full 20 2200 69,000 16 56,000 3.8 47,600 3.3 42,000 3.1

1 Cooling capacities based upon 80.6 °F (27 °C) DB, 66.2 °F (19 °C) WB entering air temperature.
2 Heating capacities based upon 68°F (20 °C) DB, 59°F (15 °C) WB entering air temperature.
3 Hybrid Heating Capacity based on 115 °F (56.1 °C) hot water supply, 32 °F/42 °F (0 °C /5.5 °C) ground loop entering water
temperature, 68 °F (20 °C) entering air temperature.
4 All ratings based upon 240V operation.

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